Your Guide to Optimal Health

  • You are tired of being low on energy and feeling years older than you really are. 
  • You want to eat without constant discomfort and guilt, enjoying the true benefits of a clean, healthy diet.
  • You’ve been trying to lose weight for years, but nothing seems to work.
  • You struggle to fall asleep, stay asleep or wake up feeling rested and refreshed which perpetuates your continual exhaustion. 
  • You know how to lose weight, but are ready to focus on creating a truly healthy lifestyle.  

What you need is a program based on science. You need a healthy lifestyle blueprint that will do more than just help you shed some will help you live the most vibrant life possible. That’s why I created the “Your Guide to Optimal Health Program,” because weight loss is wonderful, but it isn’t the end goal. Health, vitality and a thriving lifestyle are what’s truly important, and with this online program, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. Why Your Guide to Optimal Health Program?

In Your Guide to Optimal Health, you’ll get my expertise as a Naturopathic Doctor to help you shed the fat you’ve been wanting to lose. I’ve combined my years of clinical experience with cutting-edge fat loss strategies to create a program that will get you results. BUT…. that’s not all. You will also learn how to live your life with maximum energy and maximum health.  

In addition to increased energy and weight loss, you will also notice: 

  • Decreased pain and stiffness 
  • Decreased bloating, gas and irregularity 
  • Improved sleep cycles 
  • Improved mood

What Will I Get With the Program?

  • As a participant in the program, you’ll receive:
  • A video series that focuses on core strength
  • Help planning healthy meals that fit your lifestyle
  • Guidance creating healthy habits that will not only help you burn fat, but will also help you feel great, too
  • Top tips for the most common health issues today
  • My support and expertise as a Naturopathic Doctor
  • Support and accountability from a community of like-minded women  

  •  More energized than you have in years
  • In control of your food choices, including no longer being a slave to your cravings
  • Your stress melt away as you create the mindset you need to be happy and mentally healthy
  • Lighter, both physically and mentally
  • Amazed at how much fat you can shed and weight you can lose in just four weeks without feeling deprived

As a mother of three young children, I know that time is valuable and managing family, work and all life has to offer can be challenging. I have helped countless women eat better, sleep better, manage stress, exercise smarter, strengthen their immune and digestive systems, balance their hormones and more.  

Now it’s your turn. I have all of the tools you need to do more than just lose weight, but also improve the quality of your life. It’s time you started to look and FEEL your absolute best, so you can give your best to everything you do.  

The next round for Your Guide to Optimal Health starts Monday, October 30th with Prep Week, the Meal Plan Begins on November 6th, 2017 and it has started filling up! Secure your spot by registering now!  

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Hear what others are saying about Your Guide to Optimal Health!

"Dr.Glenna and this group is very supportive. While working long days and having a busy lifestyle it can be stressful trying to think and throw together meals each day. This program alleviates so much of that stress during the week. Dr. Glenna gives you all the tools to be successful in meal planning and prepping for each week." (8) V.H. 

"At the halfway point in this 4 week program I have already felt it a success. As a result of clean eating I have been rewarded with an overall healthier feeling in my digestion and energy. The health information, the support, the organized meal prepping schedule and shopping list has made it easy for me to stay on track, not to mention the recipes are easy, delicious and satisfying. I feel I will take all I've learned along with me as I go forward as I work to maintain an optimal state of overall health so I can enjoy a happy and active life as I age." M.M.I.  

"This program has increased my energy level, I'm not having cravings because there is so much variety in the food plan! Overall I feel great and recommend this to anyone who is willing and able to take back their kitchen and get cooking, worth the effort!" T.F.  

"I have more energy, less tired upon waking, no cravings, feel lighter. Having most meals ready in advance, especially grab and go healthy snacks prepared in advance! Just so many positives!" S.C.  

"When I signed up for this program I had hoped to gain some direction and help with my weight loss journey. I thought that I would probably be provided with some recipes and a check in every now and then. Well, Dr. Glenna's program of Healthy Eating far exceeded my expectations!! Every week we are given delicious recipes with easy to follow directions, a shopping list and a prep guide! The other key part of this program is the support from Dr.Glenna and other participants. It is so easy to checkin with questions which Dr. Glenna is quick to answer. I really like the 'live' talks Dr. Glenna gave and the information pieces she posted on various health topics. In fact, I enjoyed the program so much, I signed up for a second month! For me a word describing my experience is "life-changing"! I am losing weight while I'm enjoying great meals, but the big change for me is how well I feel- much more energy. Thank-you Dr. Glenna!" E.G.  

"Optimal health"is achievable on Dr Glenna's plan. The meal prep time is so worth it when you see the results-more energy, decreased reliance on caffeine , reduced cravings and good riddance to some of that "winter fat ". T.F.  

"I love the weekly menu and that I can adapt and modify it based on what is going on that week." S.C. This program was just what my family needed. We were tired of eating the same things all the time. I was also unsure of what we should be eating hearing that wheat and dairy should be limited. I didn't know how to do that. This program provided us with a variety of meals and snacks that were enjoyed immensely by the whole family. My eight year old, who is normally a picky eater write me a note to thank me for the yummy suppers I make for her! Now that I have completed two months with the program, I have enough to rotate and start over. I can't imagine cooking without a plan each week anymore! Thank you so, so much Glenna! C.A.  

"More energy, better mood. Thank You Dr. Glenna!" S.R.  

"I have learned so much with this program. It is something I have incorporated into my life style. I feel so much better with much more energy and the weight loss is very inspiring. When you hear a diet should be a life style change. That never worked for me until now. Dr Glenna has made it so easy to follow by giving us a weekly menu, grocery list and incredible recipes. I would advise everyone to take advantage of this wonderful program. Dr. Glenna has put together an awesome clean, whole food program." Diane Gillis  

"Dr. Glenna's program, "Guide to Optimal Health" was a lifeline for me in many ways! It gave a definite focus for managing food and eating properly, but a lot of extra benefits too! Because of having the weekly meal plan, I became more organized in not only food planning but in many areas of my life. Having meals planned and prepared for each day lowers daily stress and frees up time for other things when I'd be usually trying to figure out what lunch/supper should be and then make it! The program gave me a real sense of control of eating! I was really surprised that losing weight was actually easy over my three months on the program- easy, while eating delicious meals! My husband and company who came for a meal enjoyed all the meals and treats! It is definitely a plan I can continue with everyday. Thank-you Dr. Glenna!" EG  

"Well organized with lots of support." JMD  

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Dr. Glenna Calder Naturopathic Doctor has been over 16 years as an Naturopathic Doctor. Dr. Glenna offers treatments and prevention for all health matters including but not limited to bowel issues, heart conditions, fatigue, insomnia, immune support, weight management, depression, anxiety, pain, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, allergies, etc.Book in to increase your energy, lower your cardiac risks, eliminate your digestive problems and reach better health!

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